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02 October 2017
TIS Order Sees SS-690 Reworked For Remote Subsea Operation
Pressure Tech were asked by our authorised reseller, TIS Hydraulics, to provide a design solution to enable the remote set point control of one of our subsea regulators during its service under water. As standard, a regulator’s set point is configured according to a customer’s specific requirements during its build at our unit in Glossop, near Manchester, UK. The regulator is then supplied as ‘set and lock’ and any changes after this point must be physically conducted, either prior to system installation or during maintenance intervals. Our solution? A closed loop actuator. Through the use of a rotary actuator, the customer is able to control the set pressure point constantly via an electronic signal during regulator operation. The actuator itself is fully sealed, IP69K rated and has a sea water depth rating of up to 3000m, making it perfect for under water control applications. The use of an actuator required a regulator design adaptation which was successfully provided by the Pressure Tech design department.
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28 September 2017
Lightweight UAV Drone Regulator
Pressure Tech have also developed a compact regulator weighing less than 300g for use on UAV Drones. Its unique design accurately controls from 300bar (4,350psi) to 0.5bar (7psi) in a single-stage pressure reduction, and has been tested down to -40°C. Click here to view our UAV Drone Regulator flyer, To discuss how Pressure Tech can support your Hydrogen fuel cell application, call the office directly on +44 (0)1457 899 307 or send an email to sales@pressure-tech.com.
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02 March 2017
Fast, Bespoke and On-Time for Wheatstone Project
A client called on Pressure Tech to replace competitor units that were unsuitable for their application, and importantly before their scheduled shut-down. The proposed regulators had to be piston-sensed to eliminate any chance of rupture and control low pressures down to 1.5bar (20psi). They also required exact face-to face dimensions to ensure seamless installation to existing pipework. Click on the below PDF to read about how Pressure Tech designed, approved, manufactured, tested and delivered a solution in just eight weeks. Wheatstone Project - click to view PDF
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01 March 2017
Flanged NACE Regulator
The LF311 is a single stage regulator with a solid disk seat design to allow various seating options, such as PCTFE and PEEK, for aggressive and high temperature applications. The benefits include potential leak paths being eliminated, unauthorised adjustments prevented and a large sensitive piston which provides accurate and repeatable control. RESOURCES LF311 Flanged flyer - click to view PDF
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14 January 2016
Pressure Tech’s LF690 providing reliability to Protec
Protec, a manufacturing, design and assembly business, specialising in modular skid mounted equipment for the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry, has been using Pressure Tech’s LF690 and LF691 regulators in the test HPU’s they have been providing to companies including FMC, ExxonMobil, Tullow, etc., and in some IWOCS HPU’s. They have seen some great results from their testing facility in Houston, Texas and have since made these two regulator models available to all of their clients. Bill Thrasher of Protec explains ‘Pressure Tech’s regulators are being used as an intentional replacement for a circuit that is inherently subject to difficult operational conditions that were causing chatter in the regulators manufactured by others. We have had great success in relation to performance, with the units which Pressure Tech’s regulators are on. As experienced users of the competitions pressure regulators, we are familiar with the problems of chatter and the detriment to reliability it brings, both in regards to the HPU in operation and to the equipment "operated". We have seen those issues completely eliminated by Pressure Tech’s regulators." Protec tested two of Pressure Tech’s regulator models, the LF690 and LF691, making them available to clients in late 2013. This has enabled the organisation to assess operational history and performance over a minimum of 2 years, providing results which show Pressure Tech’s regulators have eliminated the problems Protec had previously experienced, with the added benefit that they have not required any servicing. The LF-690 uses Ceramic Seating to provide ultimate protection against the harsh service encountered on hydraulic services. The unique seating cartridge provides a dampening action on this critical component to prevent 'chattering' or 'unstable frequency resonance'. The regulator is self-relieving with segregated captured vent to prevent deterioration to the loading mechanism and making the regulator cleaner to service. The seating area can easily be accessed from the base of the regulator for speedy servicing in situ.
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12 January 2016
Pressure Tech working with Michell Instruments
Since our formation in October 2000, Pressure Tech has developed an extensive range of high quality stainless steel pressure regulators for use on gas and liquid applications. Our ability to work closely with our customers, and listen to their specific needs, has helped ensure we design products that provide accurate control to their systems, with long term reliability in service. One of those customers, Michell Instruments, has been with us almost from the start. Michell Instruments is an international leader in high-precision sensing with 40 years’ experience in the field. They specialise in instrumentation for dew point, relative humidity and oxygen analysis. The company serves industries as diverse as petrochemical and pharmaceutical to power generation and food processing. In 2002, Michell Instruments placed their first order with Pressure Tech for our XHR heated regulator, to use in their moisture analyser systems. Initially using competitor regulators, Michell moved to Pressure Tech’s XHR series and, over time, added the MINI300 and LF300 to the range of products regularly ordered. As the relationship developed, Michell shared ideas about designing analyser systems to work at higher pressures. Pressure Tech collaborated closely with Michell to develop a specific regulator to suit their needs, the XHR301. ________________________________________ XHR301 APPLICATIONS: • Natural Gas sample systems • Oxygen sample systems • Moisture sample systems XHR301 FEATURES: • ATEX and IECEx certified to Exdb IIC T3 • Dual/independent 100W heaters for preheat/reheat of sample gas • Piston sensed element for high pressure control to 180bar • Large surface area for heat transfer • Easy to wire circuit board with 115V or 230V supply • Stylish Junction Box with 7mm mounting supports. • Fully serviceable design • Optional entry points for cable supply ________________________________________ Reliable control of pressure is essential for Michell, whose systems provide accurate measurements of water dew point. Their range of process moisture analysers are used worldwide to provide precision measurements of dew-point in natural gas, and other process gases, in some of the toughest conditions in the world, from the frozen wastes of Siberia to the baking hot sun in the Middle East. If the water dew point of natural gas is too high, under cold conditions the water may condense, even freeze, and damage equipment. Each Michell analyser is integrated within a sample conditioning system which maintains a controlled gas pressure and flow rate. Pressure Tech regulators are key components to ensuring the consistent measurement conditions which are vital for accurate dew point temperature measurements. "Pressure Tech regulators are a vital component in all our process moisture sample systems. As a supplier, they are responsive to our requests and provide a high level of support." Andy Benton, Technical Consultant, Michell Instruments. Pressure Tech's vision is to achieve worldwide recognition as a key manufacturer of pressure regulators by offering exact solutions to all our customers, and can be demonstrated through our relationship with Michell Instruments. We will achieve this objective by continuous improvement, driven by product realisation, innovation, teamwork, and listening to the needs of all of our customers. www.michell.com
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