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Pressure Tech Coronavirus Statement
Pressure Tech's Coronavirus Advice Document
Pressure Tech's Business Continuity Plan
Coronavirus Statement
This document outlines our actions in response to COVID-19.
Coronavirus Advice
To reduce the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we have released this document to our staff to ensure compliance with general hygiene precautions, as recommended by Public Health England (PHE).
Business Continuity Plan
This Busines Continuity Plan has been developed to ensure that wherever possible, continuity of supply to our Customers is assured during unforeseen events, which would otherwise compromise such continuity of product if this plan was not in place.
Pressure Tech Hydrogen Fuel Cell Pressure Regulators
Pressure Tech Pressure Regulators for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle
Pressure Tech Hydrogen-Powered UAV Drone Regulators
Pressure Regulators for Hydrogen Applications
The Pressure Tech range of pressure regulators for Hydrogen fuel cell applications now covers models designed specifically for the light vehicles, UAV drones, vehicles and refuelling applications.
Pressure Regulators for Hydrogen Vehicles
Growing concerns over poor air quality and the
government’s drive to reduce carbon emissions are leading to increased interest in Hydrogen fuel cell technology across the transport sector. Pressure Tech offers a range of regulators for this application...
Pressure Regulators for Hydrogen Drones
With the ever-growing use of commercial
UAVs the implications of short flight durations and longer recharge times achieved by traditional battery powered drones has led to the emergence and development of Hydrogen-powered UAV drones. Pressure Tech has developed the perfect pressure regulator for these applications...
Pressure Tech Customer Returns Form
Pressure Tech Trade Credit Application Form
Pressure Tech Electrically-Actuated Subsea Pressure Regulators
Customer Returns Form
To return a Pressure Tech regulator, please contact us on +44 (0)1457 899 307 and request an NCR number. Complete this 'Customer Returns' form, ensuring you include your NCR number in the 'Customer Returns Ref. No.' field. Pack the regulator and completed form and add 'FAO Pressure Tech Quality Manager - NCR Number: XXXX' on the outside of the packaging.
Trade Credit Application Form
Please complete our 'Trade Credit Application Form' to apply for a credit account with Pressure Tech.
Electrically-Actuated Subsea Pressure Regulators
Our new compact electric actuator has been designed for use on our subsea regulators for applications that would benefit from remote access. With a fully closed loop servo motion system for controlled precision and a brushless 24V DC motor, it is the perfect solution for topside applications on unmanned platforms.
Pressure Tech Brass Regulators for Diving and Life Support
Pressure Tech Pressure Regulator Porting Configurations
Pressure Tech Back Pressure Regulator Porting Configurations
Brass Regulators for Diving and Life Support
Our brass pressure regulators are perfect for use on critical life support and diving applications.

We work with our customers to provide a quality range of regulators cleaned to the highest standard for use in hyperbaric chambers, breathing systems and analyser systems.
Forward Reducing Pressure Regulator Port Configurations
Porting configurations available for Pressure Tech forward reducing pressure regulators.

Please note: Additional porting configurations are available - please contact the office on +44 (0)1457 899 307 for further information.
Back Pressure Regulator Porting Configurations
Porting configurations available for Pressure Tech back pressure regulators.