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Pressure Tech Hydrogen-Powered UAV Drone Regulators
Pressure-Tech Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Pressure Regulators
Pressure Tech: Maximum Pressures of Threads
Hydrogen-Powered UAV Drone Pressure Regulators
With the ever-growing use of commercial
UAVs the implications of short flight durations and longer recharge times achieved by traditional battery powered drones has led to the emergence and development of Hydrogen-powered UAV drones. Pressure Tech has developed the perfect pressure regulator for these applications...
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Pressure Regulators
Growing concerns over poor air quality and the
government’s drive to reduce carbon emissions are leading to increased interest in Hydrogen fuel cell technology across the transport sector. Pressure Tech offers a range of regulators for this application...
Maximum Pressures of Threads
This PDF details the maximum pressure of different thread types and sizes from 1/8" to 2" and includes NPT, BSP, MP and SAE.
Pressure Tech Pressure Regulator Porting Configurations
Pressure Tech Back Pressure Regulator Porting Configurations
Pressure Tech Customer Returns Form
Forward Reducing Pressure Regulator Port Configurations
Porting configurations available for Pressure Tech forward reducing pressure regulators.

Please note: Additional porting configurations are available - please contact the office on +44 (0)1457 899 307 for further information.
Back Pressure Regulator Porting Configurations
Porting configurations available for Pressure Tech back pressure regulators.
Customer Returns Form
To return a Pressure Tech regulator, please contact us on +44 (0)1457 899 307 and request an NCR number. Complete this 'Customer Returns' form, ensuring you include your NCR number in the 'Customer Returns Ref. No.' field. Pack the regulator and completed form and add 'FAO Pressure Tech Quality Manager - NCR number: XXXX' on the outside of the packaging.
Pressure Tech Trade Credit Application Form
Pressure-Tech Added to Saudi Aramco Approved Vendor List
Pressure-Tech SS414 and SS690 Subsea Regulators for Subsea Operation
Trade Credit Application Form
Please complete our 'Trade Credit Application Form' to apply for a credit account with Pressure Tech.
Saudi Aramco: Vendor Approval
Pressure Tech has been officially recognised by Saudi Aramco and added to their approved vendor list, enabling us to quote on future projects.
Subsea Regulators
Pressure Tech has developed a regulator with modifications crucial for subsea operation. The SS690 with ceramic seating & fully supported main valve, provides stable control under varying inlet pressures. Operating at depths of 3000m, the SS690 is designed & manufactured to produce the highest standard of results within a challenging environment.
Pressure-Tech Received 98% in Michell Instruments Ltd Supplier Audit
Pressure-Tech Sales and Marketing Policy
Pressure-Tech LF690 with Ceramic Seat Technology
98% in Supplier Audit
Pressure Tech Ltd are delighted to announce that Michell Instruments Ltd, a key customer, has awarded us 98% in a recent Supplier Audit, stating that "the audit results exceed the expectations of Michell Instruments Ltd". The purpose of the audit was thoroughly review procedures and ensure Michell Instruments receive the required service.
Sales & Marketing Policy
Pressure Tech has a duty to market its products and services in a responsible way. Also, to ensure that all associated communications and marketing activities are legal, fair, honest, transparent and sensitive to the views and needs of customers and prospects. This policy outlines our standards for Sales & Marketing.
Ceramic Seat Technology
The LF690 uses Ceramic Seating to provide ultimate protection against the harsh service encountered on hydraulic services. The unique seating cartridge provides a dampening action on this critical component to prevent 'chattering' or 'unstable frequency resonance'. Pressure Tech's LF690 allows flow rates up to 15lpm and stable pressure control.