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Pressure Tech Material Temperature Range Guide for Bodies, Seats and O-Rings
Pressure Tech Customer Returns Form
Pressure Tech Trade Credit Application Form
Temperature Range Guide
This document contains the minimum and maximum temperatures for body, seat and o-ring materials. The temperature details are provided as nominal values for guidance purposes only.
Please contact the office for specific temperature requirements.
Customer Returns Form
Our intent is to offer a quick and high-quality service, as well as to protect the health of our staff. We can only accept the return of our units/corresponding accessories for repair, service, or inspection with a completed ‘Customer Returns Form’. Please note: Returned boxes must have this completed form attached on the outside of the packaging and clearly marked ‘Returns’.
Trade Credit Application Form
Please complete our 'Trade Credit Application Form' to apply for a credit account with Pressure Tech.
Pressure Tech Coronavirus Statement
Pressure Tech's Coronavirus Advice Document
Pressure Tech's Business Continuity Plan
Coronavirus Statement
This document outlines our actions in response to COVID-19.
Coronavirus Advice
To reduce the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus), we have released this document to our staff to ensure compliance with general hygiene precautions, as recommended by Public Health England (PHE).
Business Continuity Plan
This Busines Continuity Plan has been developed to ensure that wherever possible, continuity of supply to our Customers is assured during unforeseen events, which would otherwise compromise such continuity of product if this plan was not in place.
Pressure Tech Pressure Regulator Porting Configurations
Pressure Tech Back Pressure Regulator Porting Configurations
Pressure-Tech Added to Saudi Aramco Approved Vendor List
Forward Reducing Pressure Regulator Port Configurations
Porting configurations available for Pressure Tech forward reducing pressure regulators.

Please note: Additional porting configurations are available - please contact the office on +44 (0)1457 899 307 for further information.
Back Pressure Regulator Porting Configurations
Porting configurations available for Pressure Tech back pressure regulators.
Saudi Aramco: Vendor Approval
Pressure Tech has been officially recognised by Saudi Aramco and added to their approved vendor list, enabling us to quote on future projects.
Pressure-Tech Received 98% in Michell Instruments Ltd Supplier Audit
Pressure-Tech Sales and Marketing Policy
98% in Supplier Audit
Pressure Tech Ltd are delighted to announce that Michell Instruments Ltd, a key customer, has awarded us 98% in a recent Supplier Audit, stating that "the audit results exceed the expectations of Michell Instruments Ltd". The purpose of the audit was thoroughly review procedures and ensure Michell Instruments receive the required service.
Sales & Marketing Policy
Pressure Tech has a duty to market its products and services in a responsible way. Also, to ensure that all associated communications and marketing activities are legal, fair, honest, transparent and sensitive to the views and needs of customers and prospects. This policy outlines our standards for Sales & Marketing.

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