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Pressure Tech achieve ATEX / IECEx Certification for XHR300
Pressure Tech achieve ATEX / IECEx Certification for XHR300
25 September 2015
Pressure Tech achieve ATEX / IECEx Certification for XHR300 Building on our current product certification, Pressure Tech is pleased to announce that we have now achieved ATEX/IECEx certification on our XHR300/XHR301 regulators.

The XHR series boasts a unique dual heating design with twin 100W inlet and outlet heating probes inserted directly into the flow path to help maintain saturated gases in their vaporised form. This gives the double benefit of reduced volume and improved heat transfer for the greatest possible efficiency. The new electronic controller also allows the power supply to be independently isolated to each heater.

In achieving certification on the XHR300 product series, you can be assured that when you choose Pressure Tech you are choosing quality and reliability. Certification ensures that our regulators are fit for their intended purpose and that adequate information is supplied to ensure that they can be used safely.

Proven to perform better....
The Inconel X750 diaphragm used on all our analyser product range lasts 150% longer than 316SS, proven to perform better due to its chemical and mechanical properties. The sealing area is recessed and protected inside the body of the regulator meaning the diaphragm is always centrally located.

Fast delivery.....
Our 'single stage' and 'two stage' diaphragm sensed regulators are typically available within a 2-3 week delivery timescale.

Flexible configuration - order easily through our website.....
Pressure Tech's comprehensive E-Commerce facility on our website, allows complete flexibility to configure the XHR300 products to bespoke requirements, obtain immediate online quotes and place direct orders at the click of a button.