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Pressure Tech Installs new ISO8 Clean Room
Pressure Tech Installs new ISO8 Clean Room
21 September 2015
Pressure Tech is constantly looking at new ways to respond to our customer's high expectations. We have many customers who require specialised services, in particular those who work in the commercial subsea diving sector and medical hyperbaric chambers. These organisations need specific cleaning services to ensure contaminants are avoided and eliminated where equipment is used in oxygen rich environments. As such, Pressure Tech has invested in a four stage solvent degreasing system to ensure parts are cleaned within the guidelines of ASTM G93. The cleaning process and subsequent assembly of products are all performed in our newly installed ISO8 clean room to ensure ultimate cleanliness levels are achieved.

As specialists in the production of high quality equipment within the commercial diving sector, we understand the importance of providing a clean room environment, which is certified to a low level of pollutants. Many of our customers require specific cleaning processes for equipment such as valves and regulators, particularly where high levels of Oxygen are present. The understanding of oxygen's reactivity has led to strict regulations regarding the cleanliness of equipment used in an oxygen service. Although Oxygen is not flammable itself, it supports combustion. The higher the oxygen content and/or pressure in a system, the more vigorous the potential combustion, so care must be taken to ensure equipment is free from contaminants such as hydrocarbon oils and greases, which oxidise with the Oxygen and can cause the source of ignition.

ASTM G93 is an industry recognised practice that provides a "selection of methods and apparatus for the cleaning of materials and equipment intended for service in oxygen enriched environments". Whilst Trichloroethylene was always recognised as the most effective means of cleaning parts to this standard, the health and environmental issues associated with "Trike" have led to the development on new alternative solvents such as Novec™ 71DE.

Parts are cleaned initially by immersing in the 71DE solvent at boiling point before being transferred to a further immersion in an ultrasonic tank and a final drying process in the vapour phase, ensuring all parts are cleaned and dry prior to use on Oxygen service.

In addition to cleaning our own parts, Pressure Tech are able to offer a subcontract cleaning service to all our customers who require cleaning of parts for use on Oxygen service. Please contact us today to use our cleaning and clean room facilities at a competitive rate - info@pressure-tech.com.

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