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NEW CNC machine installed improves machine times by 300%

A new Citizen Miyano CNC machine with twin spindles and twin turrets has now been installed and already proving its worth as a £250k investment by making parts in 1/3rd of the times previously made on the machine it replaced. As our business levels continue to grow and the demand to maintain short lead times increases, the CNC machine from Citizen was viewed as a key piece of equipment required to support the strategic needs of the company.

Pressure Tech completes supply of 108 Hydraulic Regulators with 100% OTIF delivery

Pressure Tech recently completed the supply of 108 x LF690 hydraulic regulators to our Authorised Reseller, Hydraserv, in Norway. The project was for a key system builder supplying several HPUs for a project in Brazil. All 108 regulators were delivered in time and in full to meet with the customers needs.

TIS Order Sees SS-690 Reworked For Remote Subsea Operation

Pressure Tech were asked to provide a design solution to enable the remote set point control of one of our subsea regulators during its service under water. A regulator’s set point is configured during its build at our unit in Glossop, UK. The regulator is then supplied as ‘set and lock’ - any changes after this point must be physically conducted, either prior to system installation or during maintenance intervals. Our solution? A closed loop actuator enabling the customer to control set pressure point constantly via an electronic signal during regulator operation. The actuator is fully sealed, IP69K rated and has a sea water depth rating of up to 3000m.

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17 September 2021
AUTO438 Has Passed EC79!
We are excited to announce our AUTO438 pressure regulator for hydrogen powered buses and trucks has now passed EC79! The EC79 process has required a big commitment from the Pressure Tech team and, during the journey to date, our AUTO438 has been put through its paces by external certification body, KIWA Nederland B.V. There have been many challenges along the way which have relied on the technical expertise of our team to overcome... making this news even more exciting to announce! The AUTO438 is piston-sensed and features a balanced main valve as standard for stable control of outlet pressures up to 20 bar (290 psi) from a maximum 438 bar (6,350 psi) inlet pressure. In addition to critical safety features such as its double o-ring backup design, the AUTO438 offers convenient access to the seat cartridge in the base of the regulator for simplified servicing and a choice of three mounting configuration options to suit the user's system. Get in touch with our sales team on +44(0)1457 899 307 or sales@pressure-tech.com for more information or to make an enquiry. LINK: AUTO438 Datasheet AUTO438 Ordering
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10 August 2021
Pressure Tech Completes Acquisition of Asgard Engineering
Pressure Tech Ltd has successfully completed the acquisition of Asgard Engineering Limited — a precision supplier of CNC machined components, and a key supplier to Pressure Tech. When owner, Ian Hampton, announced his plans to retire and exit from Asgard, Steve was enthusiastic to pursue the opportunity to add Asgard to the Pressure Tech business. With eight precision sliding head machines and a team of highly dedicated employees, the type of machined components supplied by Asgard Engineering fit perfectly into the supply chain for Pressure Tech. "In addition to being one of our main suppliers, there was an important synergy between the two companies. Both Pressure Tech and Asgard have a shared belief in the importance of high-quality products. I have already spoken to some of Asgard’s existing customer base and one thing was clear; the quality of the products manufactured is one of the key reasons why they return time and again. "When the opportunity to purchase Asgard became known, we instantly saw opportunities to achieve growth. A key part of the expansion strategy is investment in their operating systems and employees. Plans are already under way to implement production improvements with a new MRP system, and proactive marketing campaigns will help drive our growth ambitions. "Whilst being owned by Pressure Tech, Asgard Engineering will continue to operate as a separate entity and service their existing customer base to the same high-quality standards that their customers have come to expect", commented Steve. The Share Purchase Agreement was completed over the past two months with an initial down payment for an undisclosed sum and a further consideration in two months’ time. The acquisition process was supported by corporate finance advisor John Sykes, Sonio Singh at law firm Davis Blank Furniss, and Ian Buckley at accountants Bennett Verby.
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Product Categories

Analyser & Instrumentation Pressure Regulators
linkAnalyser & Instrumentation (Cv 0.06-0.2)
Auto-changeover regulators, compact regulators, cylinder assemblies, heated regulators, lightweight regulators, low flow regulators and two-stage regulators.
High Pressure Gas Regulators
linkHigh Pressure (Cv 0.06 - 0.2)
LF311, LF540 and LF792 pressure regulators.
Medium Flow Pressure Regulators
linkMedium Flow (Cv 0.5 - 2.0)
MF101, MF210, MF230, MF231, MF301, MF400, MF401 and MF414G regulators.
High Flow Pressure Regulators
linkHigh Flow (Cv 4.0 - 13.0)
HF210, HF211, HF250, HF251, HF300 and HF301 regulators.
Back Pressure Regulators
linkBack Pressure
BP010, BP300, BP301, BP-HF251, BP-HF301, BP-LF540, BP-LF690, BP-LF691, BP-MF690(05), BP-MF690(15), BP-MF400 and BP-MF401 regulators.
Hydraulic Pressure Regulators
HYD691, LF690, LF691, LGC690 and MF414H regulators.
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Pressure Regulators
linkHydrogen Fuel Cell Applications
For UAV drones, passenger vehicles, buses, trucks, material handling, refuelling stations and gas cylinders.
Diving Pressure Regulators
linkDiving Applications
For analyser systems, BIBS, control panels, diving bells and hyperbaric chambers.
Subsea Pressure Regulators
linkSubsea Applications
SS231, SS414, SS690, SS691, SS-BP400 and SS-COM301, plus remote control electronic actuators.
Accessories and Ancillary Equipment
linkAccessories and Ancillary Equipment
Bottle connectors, flexible cylinder hose, gas cylinder connections, panel mount rings and pressure gauges.
Cylinder Valves
linkCylinder Valves
Self-closing CV414-SC cylinder valve.

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