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NEW CNC machine installed improves machine times by 300%

A new Citizen Miyano CNC machine with twin spindles and twin turrets has now been installed and already proving its worth as a £250k investment by making parts in 1/3rd of the times previously made on the machine it replaced. As our business levels continue to grow and the demand to maintain short lead times increases, the CNC machine from Citizen was viewed as a key piece of equipment required to support the strategic needs of the company.

Pressure Tech completes supply of 108 Hydraulic Regulators with 100% OTIF delivery

Pressure Tech recently completed the supply of 108 x LF690 hydraulic regulators to our Authorised Reseller, Hydraserv, in Norway. The project was for a key system builder supplying several HPUs for a project in Brazil. All 108 regulators were delivered in time and in full to meet with the customers needs.

TIS Order Sees SS-690 Reworked For Remote Subsea Operation

Pressure Tech were asked to provide a design solution to enable the remote set point control of one of our subsea regulators during its service under water. A regulator’s set point is configured during its build at our unit in Glossop, UK. The regulator is then supplied as ‘set and lock’ - any changes after this point must be physically conducted, either prior to system installation or during maintenance intervals. Our solution? A closed loop actuator enabling the customer to control set pressure point constantly via an electronic signal during regulator operation. The actuator is fully sealed, IP69K rated and has a sea water depth rating of up to 3000m.

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22 March 2021
Weight Saving Thanks to LW-TS414!
"Thanks to the new (LW-TS414) lightweight pressure regulator, we have managed to reduce the total weight of (our) hydrogen system by 0.5kg!" Green Team Twente from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. The Pressure Tech lightweight and two-stage LW-TS414 was originally created in 2020 specifically for university teams entering the Shell Eco-Marathon competition. It became apparent that a two-stage regulator, offering even greater precision on the outlet would offer robust protection of the hydrogen fuel cell. Its lightweight aluminium body was also a ‘must have’ feature. In an application where every gram added to the vehicle would result in slower track times and reduced efficiency, ensuring the LW-TS414’s weight was kept to a minimum was essential. And that's exactly what we created! LINK: Pressure Tech LW-TS414 lightweight, two-stage pressure regulator for hydrogen fuel cell applications.
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19 March 2021
We Are Qatar Petroleum Approved!
Great news! We are proud to announce that Pressure Tech Ltd has successfully obtained vendor approval to supply our full portfolio of pressure regulators and back pressure regulators into Qatar Petroleum! We look forward to continuing our hard work over the coming months and years to become one of their major suppliers, and to further develop our commitment to grow the Pressure Tech brand across the State of Qatar and beyond!
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