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Pressure Tech Awarded €225,000 WHCP Contract by ADNOC Offshore

Pressure Tech were delighted to be awarded the final phase of the WHCP contract by ADNOC Offshore, with the initial call-off already completed last month and completion of the contract due by September 2018. The contract includes a range of our HYD-691, LGC-690 and LF-690 regulators for installation across 150 panels.

Pressure Tech Supplies Saudi Aramco for Fadhili Project

The Fadhili gas plant is a greenfield development being constructed by Saudi Aramco, 30km west of Jubail in Saudi Arabia with an estimated investment of approx £10.5bn. It is part of Saudi Arabia's proposed Master Gas System to help meet its increasing energy demand. Pressure Tech were contacted to supply several regulators from our Analyser range, including TS-310's, LF-310's and XHS-310's, to a project order value of £45k. A further order has been received this month for the next phase of the Fadhili Project, taking the ongoing project value up to a total of £70k to date.

TIS Order Sees SS-690 Reworked For Remote Subsea Operation

Pressure Tech were asked to provide a design solution to enable the remote set point control of one of our subsea regulators during its service under water. A regulator’s set point is configured during its build at our unit in Glossop, UK. The regulator is then supplied as ‘set and lock’ - any changes after this point must be physically conducted, either prior to system installation or during maintenance intervals. Our solution? A closed loop actuator enabling the customer to control set pressure point constantly via an electronic signal during regulator operation. The actuator is fully sealed, IP69K rated and has a sea water depth rating of up to 3000m.

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19 June 2019
Happy 30th Birthday Mike!
Three cheers for our Assembly Cell Leader, Mike McMylor, who turned 30 today!
03 May 2019
Pressure Tech Meet Team HiTec Products at the Tour De Yorkshire
After committing to sponsor Team HiTec Products for the 2019 season, Presure Tech's Steve and Chris met the ladies at the Tour De Yorkshire.
06 February 2019
Happy 50th Birthday Rob!
Today we celebrated the 50th birthday of Rob Kelly, one of our valuable members of the team in our CNC machine shop.
19 July 2019
Pressure Tech Sponsor UK HFCA Hydrogen Fuel Cell Event
Co-hosted by the UK HFCA and the Association of Public Sector Excellence (APSE) and supported by ULEMCo, ITM Power, Fuel Cell Systems and Pressure Tech, the "Delivering regional and local low carbon transport, power and heat solutions through hydrogen and fuel cells: opportunities for the public sector and supply chain development" event will highlight how hydrogen and fuel cells can help local and regional Government in delivering their decarbonisation and air quality objectives.
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19 July 2019
Pressure Tech Exhibit at Climate Change Solutions' Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Showcase
On Thursday 18th July 2019, our Technical Sales Engineer, Lemar Wright, represented Pressure Tech on our stand at Climate Change Solutions' Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Showcase event, hosted by the University of Birmingham. Lemar continued spreading the good word about the strides we are making in the Hydrogen Fuel Cell market, and met with key players in the market to discuss future collaboration.
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Product Categories

Analyser & Instrumentation Regulators
linkInstrumentation Regulators (Cv 0.06-0.2)
Typically incorporating Inconel® X750 diaphragm-sensed elements to provide strength and flexibility. They cover gas cylinder regulators to ATEX certified (94/9/EC) heated regulators.
High Pressure Regulators
linkHigh Pressure Regulators (Cv 0.06 - 0.2)
Piston-sensed pressure regulators with a range of precision machined and fully supported sensor elements to cover pressure ranges up to 690bar (10,000psi), and primarily for gas service.
Medium Flow Pressure Regulators
linkMedium Flow Regulators (Cv 0.5 - 2.0)
Primarily for gas service with diaphragm-sensed elements to control up to 10bar (145psi) and piston-sensed elements covering higher requirements up to 414bar (6,000psi).
High Flow Pressure Regulators
linkHigh Flow Regulators (Cv 4.0 - 12.0)
Including diaphragm and piston-sensed regulators with port sizes from 1/2" to 3" with either threaded or flanged connections. Pressure control options up to 10bar (145psi) with a diaphragm-sensed element and up to 210bar (3,045psi) with a piston-sensed element.
Back Pressure Regulators
linkBack Pressure Regulators
Accurate control of inlet pressures to any process, this range includes all the design features of our other product ranges. They cover port sizes from 1/8" to 2" and control pressures from 0.1bar (2psi) to 690bar (10,000psi) on both gas and liquid applications.
Hydraulic Regulators
linkHydraulic Regulators
Piston-sensed regulators for use on liquid applications. Precision machined sensing elements provide control to 1,380bar (20,000psi) and self venting is available with captured vent ports. Port sizes from 1/4" to 3/4".
Hydrogen Pressure Regulators
linkHydrogen Regulators
Combining globalisation with innovation has created the driving force behind our growing range of pressure regulators for an array of Hydrogen Fuel Cell applications throughout the world. From ultra-compact and lightweight regulators (down to 0.2kg) to on board vehicle regulators and high-pressure refuelling solutions with fast fill times, our unique features include double o-rings, no wetted threads, and convenient access points for future servicing requirements. Our portfolio ensures we cover a wide range of applications in a rapidly expanding market.
Subsea Pressure Regulators
linkSubsea Regulators
Designed to operate subsea at depths of up to 3,000m (10,000ft), our subsea pressure regulators can either use the external seawater pressure as a reference pressure, or alternatively, they can be completely sealed to operate at topside ambient pressure conditions, thus, are completely unaffected by external pressure conditions. A version of the regulator is also available with a 'bucket handle' to allow subsea adjustment by ROVs. We also have an electric-actuated option which enables remote control of the regulator for applications such as subsea where manual adjustments are difficult or time-consuming.
Accessories and Ancillary Equipment
linkAccessories and Ancillary Equipment
Accessories and ancillary equipment that fits with on, or can be used with, our extensive range of pressure regulators.