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A pressure regulator is a critical component to any fluid control system. At Pressure Tech, we offer high quality products with all design and manufacture performed at our UK facilities in Glossop, Derbyshire. We work closely with our customers to ensure they achieve the specific control they require on their system.

New e-commerce site designed for ease of service

We hope you find our website easy to use and informative. To receive immediate on-line quotes, and to place orders directly with Pressure Tech, please ensure you register using the link above and then login to ensure you have all the latest information at your fingertips.

Our 3C's objective: Create, Contain, Control

Pressure Tech are working towards offering "The 3C's" within any high pressure system to all our customers. We look forward to working with our customers in offering a total range of engineered solutions to high pressure pneumatic and hydraulic systems. Keep checking our website for further details!

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03 May 2016
Pressure Tech at OTC 2016
Pressure Tech are exhibiting at OTC in Houston. We are on booth 3969, come and visit us if you are here!
03 May 2016
Pressure Tech in Roustabout
Pressure Tech's story is on page 41 of the current Roustabout Magazine. Click on the link to read more about us......
24 March 2016
Soclema visits Pressure Tech
Last week, Pressure Tech welcomed Soclema, a French customer specialising in sampling, to our Derbyshire Factory.
03 May 2016
Quotes & Orders direct from Pressure Tech's easy-to-use website Pressure Tech is "Leaning into the Future" with our new Business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce facility, providing a way for our customers to generate quotations quickly and ultimately place orders easily for the core range of our standard pressure regulators. Having invested in a comprehensive e-commerce website, to provide customer access to a secure self-serve portal with account, order and history details, Pressure Tech's robust e-commerce site can display a wealth of product information and pricing based on customer log in credentials. So, what do customers GAIN from Pressure Tech's e-commerce service? GLOBAL Pressure Techs customer stretch from America to Australia and anywhere in between. Many need immediate responses to price and availability on products required for projects or more critical plant shut downs. We're all aware that "time is money" and customers require support that puts them ahead of their competitors. Offering an e-commerce site means that customers have access to Pressure Tech 24-7, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world. Registered customers also have the pricing readily available in the choice of GBP, Euros, or USD to avoid any uncertainty with exchange rate variations. ACCESSIBILITY Although we welcome interaction with our Sales Representatives, they are not always available when our customers require a quick response to pricing or information. With the ability to find product information, pricing, and transfer funds online via a secure Worldpay transaction facility, customers have peace of mind in their financial dealings with Pressure Tech. Pre-approved customers with existing accounts can also order product using their standard 30 day credit facilities. INFORMATION Pressure Tech's customers can download product details from our online product catalogue, datasheets and Operating & Service Manuals. All information is provided so that our customers find it easy to purchase products with information. Work has also started on video presentations on how to service products in the field, making it far easier to follow step by step instructions following our experts in this field who build the products on a daily basis. NIMBLE Selecting product and creating the correct part numbers based on specification requirements eliminates scrolling through endless lists of incomprehensible part numbers. Customers can click through intuitive navigation by using drop down boxes to immediately narrow down their product search to build their regulator to specific requirements without having to search through numerous part number options. The unique ability to select the porting configurations, with additional inlet/outlet gauge ports and numerous orientations, makes it simple to generate the correct part number without having to cross reference the manufacturers datasheets. Customers using our website have commented "this is exactly what we've been waiting for" and "the ordering process is so easy to use". We hope you find similar success in using our new e-commerce website and please tell us how you find using our online B2B facility.
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26 April 2016
Pressure Tech at OTC 2016 Next month, Pressure Tech will be attending the OTC 2016 conference in Houston, Texas. Our Managing Director, Steve Yorke-Robinson, will be accompanying Joe Johnson, of American Tube Products Inc, to meet with attendees or exhibitors visiting the event. Pressure Tech is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of pressure regulators. The company designs, manufactures and delivers innovative pressure technologies intended for harsh offshore environments. Through close working relationships with customers and the adaptation of market-leading technologies, Pressure Tech has become a leader as a provider of regulators in the offshore sector. In particular, Pressure Tech has developed the LF690 pressure regulator using only the finest materials and the most advanced ceramic seat technology. Partnering with American Tube Products American Tube Products, Inc. (ATP) provides high quality isolation and flow control solutions for the offshore and petro-chemical industry. The company partners with leading manufacturers of process, instrumentation and related products in our industry. ATP take great pride in meeting the requirements of customers while adhering to project specific applications with a quality product at a competitive price. They are ready to help with products for all applications, are quick to respond, examine product alternatives, fulfill documentation requirements and expedite shipping. ATP is committed to quality in everything they do: service, products and delivery. Exhibition featured product - LF690 Series Pressure Tech's LF690'Low Flow' Hydraulic Reducing Regulator features ceramic seating and a fully supported main valve for water glycol applications. The regulator is piston Sensed for outlet control to 1380bar / 20000psi.Ceramic Seating provides ultimate protection against the harsh use encountered on hydraulic services. The unique seating cartridge provides a dampening action on this critical component to prevent 'chattering' or 'unstable frequency resonance'. The regulator is self relieving with segregated captured vent to prevent deterioration to the loading mechanism and making the regulator cleaner to service. The seating area can easily be accessed from the base of the regulator for speedy servicing in situ. We look forward to seeing you at the show and will be available to discuss any applications, pressure control problems or to provide any other information. Please contact Steve to arrange a meeting on 07808 171741 or email him at
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Analytical & Instrumentation Regulators
linkInstrumentation Regulators Cv 0.06-0.2
Typically incorporating Inconel X750 diaphragm sensed elements to provide strength and flexibility, our instrumentation range of regulators cover gas cylinder regulators to ATEX certified (94/9/EC) heated regulators. Our versatile range has endured extensive cycle tests and includes design features that make us the market leaders in this sector.
High Pressure 'LF Series' Regulators
linkPressure Regulators Cv 0.06 - 0.2
Piston sensed pressure regulators with a range of precision machined and fully supported sensor elements to cover pressure ranges up to 690bar/10000psi primarily for GAS service. Combined sensor and spring options allow low torque adjustment with accurate & repeatable control. Available in 316SS and brass with the option of parts degreased to G93 for use on Oxygen service. Port sizes from 1/8" to 3/8"
'MF Series' Pressure Regulators
linkPressure Regulators Cv 0.5 - 2.0
A range of pressure regulators primarily for GAS service with either diaphragm sensed elements to control up to 10bar/150psi and piston sensed covering higher requirements to 414bar/6000psi. Available in 316SS and brass with the option of parts degreased to G93 for use on Oxygen service. Port sizes from 1/2" to 1"
High Flow Regulators
linkPressure Regulators Cv 4.0 - 12.0
The ‘HF Series’ includes diaphragm and piston-sensed regulators with port sizes ranging between 1/2” and 3” with either threaded or flanged connections: Pressure control options up to 10bar (150psi) with a diaphragm sensed element and 210bar (3000psi) with a piston. Available with spring loaded or dome loaded to minimise droop effect on regulator. Contact the office directly to discuss flanged end connections
High Pressure Hydraulic Regulators
linkHydraulic Regulators Cv 0.05 - 2.0
An extensive range of piston sensed regulators for use on LIQUID applications. Precision machined sensing elements provide control to 1380bar (20,000psi), and self venting is available with captured vent ports. Port sizes from 1/4" to 3/4" and are available with ratio or dome loaded options. Special designs cover subsea applications (contact office for details).
Back Pressure Regulators
linkBack Pressure Regulators
For accurate control of inlet pressures to any process the back pressure regulators include all the design features of the other product ranges and cover from 1/8” to 2”. The complete range of back pressure regulators controls pressures from 0.1bar (2psi) to 690bar (10,000psi) on both gas or liquid applications. The designs provide accurate and repeatable shut off due to the large sensing area and minimised loading on the seating area.
Flow Control Valves
linkFlow Control Valves
The new range of Flow Control Valve presently being developed for chemical injection systems are based around a negative biased back pressure regulator built into a single block manifold, which when connected to a metering valve provide a simple mechanical device that maintains a constant flow rate irrespective of pressure variations within the system. A range of manifold configurations are available and can be designed to meet individual customer requirements.
Accessories and Ancillary Equipment
linkAccessories and ancillary equipment
Ancillary Equipment to fit or use with the extensive range of pressure regulators.