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New Orleans for some Underwater Intervention
New Orleans for some Underwater Intervention
New Orleans for some Underwater Intervention
New Orleans for some Underwater Intervention
12 February 2016
This February 23rd - 25th, Pressure Tech will be exhibiting at Underwater Intervention, New Orleans for the second year.

Pressure Tech is one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of pressure regulators. Over the last fifteen years, we have developed an extensive range of high quality brass and stainless steel regulators. Our success has been attributed to our focus on technology and innovative products, working closely with customers to design and manufacture a wealth of new products that provide accurate pressure control to systems. This can be seen in our vast range of Pressure Regulators, some of which will be presented at the exhibition on our Stand 213.

Subsea Regulators
Designed to operate subsea at depths up to 3000m (10,000ft), these regulators can either use the external seawater pressure as a reference pressure or be completely sealed to operate at topside ambient pressure conditions, thus are completely unaffected by external pressure conditions. A version of the regulator is also available with a 'bucket handle' to allow subsea adjustment by ROVs.

Diving Regulators
Based on our well-established range of stainless steel regulators, our range of brass regulators are cleaned and degreased within the guidelines of ASTM G93 for equipment used in oxygen-enriched environments, and intended for use on critical life support or hyperbaric diving applications, where accurate control and high cleanliness is required for breathing systems. Typically in hyperbaric and decompression chambers and on breathing air analyser systems.
Having such an extensive range of regulators allows us to offer a complete package to a wide range of customers. Click for our overview or get in touch if you wish to book an appointment to speak with one of our team about your projects. Please call us in advance on +44 (0)1457 899307 and we will arrange a time with you.

Alternatively just drop by our stand to discuss further, we look forward to seeing you at the show and will be available to discuss any applications, pressure control problems or anything else you need to know!

Representing Pressure Tech at the Conference will be Steve Yorke-Robinson (Managing Director). Steve will be showcasing our bespoke range of manufactured products for the oil and gas industry. All our products are designed in-house to the highest specifications and functionality.

Please take a look at our website or Linkedin page to find out more about us and see the full range of products we offer. Click on the icons below or email Steve Yorke-Robinson -