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Solutions for customers under pressure.
Solutions for customers under pressure.
Solutions for customers under pressure.
26 January 2016
At Pressure Tech we a long history providing pressure regulators for new offshore projects, both topside and subsea. We understand the unique challenges and complexities within the industry, particularly where reliability is key. We work with our customers to maximise the dependability of our products and specifically develop new solutions to combat issues — driving costs down, whilst providing industry leading reliability and enhanced functionality in service.

Over several years now, there have been extensive reports of issues encountered in the field with unreliable pressure regulators used on high pressure/high flow water glycol HPUs within topside operations. Additionally, users of some widely employed regulators have encountered dramatic chattering in situations where a high flow is combined with a large pressure drop. This intense vibration risks damage to internal components, pushing some end users to seek their own way around the issue. Several users have designed a bypass loop around the regulator to build up a pressure downstream, thereby reducing the pressure drop. Whilst this avoids the chattering problem, it calls for additional engineering and assembly of parts, piling on time and cost.

Pressure Tech assessed the various obstacles and developed a considerably simplified, more streamlined package without the need for the bypass, making it extremely efficient and far more cost-effective solution. Our LF-690-03 eliminates the need for a preliminary bypass and includes our unique ceramic seating technology with a finely balanced main valve element to provide "chatter free" and repeatable control, even to an untrained operator of IWOCS and HPUs. The unique ceramic seating used on all the LF-690 series ensures positive shut off, repeatable control, and protection against cavitation, which can improve the operating life of the regulator by 500%. Servicing time is also reduced by 300% due to the bottom entry easy access to the critical seating area.

Pressure Tech’s LF-690-03 allows flow rates up to 40lpm and stable pressure control across the range, from 60bar to 690bar, even with 12,000psi/830bar differential pressure. Minimising start-up costs, maximising efficiency and reducing downtime are all realised by installing the LF-690-03 with increased flow capacity.

Pressure Tech’s approach to working with our customers allows us to improve efficiencies and provide our customers with the confidence in using our products in critical hydraulic control systems for subsea operations. Our development towards manifold systems to provide complete and compact installations from a single source supplier is also creating a closer link with many of the major suppliers of subsea trees and subsea process valves.

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